About Us

The Maynooth Mud Run started in 2005, with just a wild idea. No one truly thought it would go anywhere. The first year, with a rough area beside the Logger's fields. A spot was cleared to bare earth with rocks everywhere, but..............from this mud puddle, Maynooth Mud Dawgs was born!

That 1st year was rainy and cold with the whole area turning into one big mud hole but over 500 people came out and watch! The trucks and spectators were covered in mud but one thing stood out with everyone, their smiles. No one expected the popularity of this day, especially the one food vendor of the day, I think they are still in therapy.

From that moment it was present this was going to be something! Over the years, the grounds have been improved, a safety fence installed, bleachers and now we are up to a half dozen plus food vendors.  Not to just focus on the crowds, we have also improved the driver's area, the pit and made more awesome prizes for the trucks and foot racers.  Making it more appealing to enter was our goal.....I think we're getting it! The event is growing more every year, and we still have many more plans, our growing pains aren't done yet. 

The future of this muddy fun is only going to get bigger and brighter.  More participation with spectators and different classes is already in place.  We have already included a V-trend and an open class plus at the end of the classes a spectator's appreciation ride. It's an event that you aren't sure if it's something you would be interested in but after you come check it out or participate....you're hooked.

Our committee is loyal to making it a positive event in our community.  No matter how much work is needed we are dedicated in succeeded with these goals!!

So in short....................it just started as an impulse and an over-sized mud puddle, but now look at it going into it's 8th year!, WOW!

Boy.....did the Dawg grow big!!!